Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lil' Star Sweepers

Last week we talked about the Maternity Session.  What's better to follow than the Newborn and First Year!  I will start off with stating just how much of a joy it is to work with newborns!  I have spent the last 5 years perfecting my newborn techniques, collecting props, ideas, crafting and compiling a giant collection of items for newborn through one year! 

This post will answer many of the photo questions you may have as an expecting mom and for your sessions each time!

The Lil' Star Sweepers package is the first thing we will talk about.  This package covers your sessions every 3 months from newborn to one year!  Each session has one 5x7 included.  There are 25 custom made birth announcements and at the end of the year you have a beautiful coffee table album, again custom designed, to fit each different child!  I also include a free gift which can be any one of the items I have for sale in my office, crocheted hats, custom headbands, booties, all subject to what is available throughout the year.  You can choose this gift at any time throughout the year!  You also have an 8x10 which can be used with any session along the way!

 When do I need to set up my newborn session?  If we do a maternity session before baby arrives I will have an idea of when the little bundle is set to arrive.  If we do not do a maternity session, giving me a call or email during your third trimester is a good idea.  Newborn sessions are generally done within the first two weeks.  The sooner the better.  I suggest to all of my new mommies to call or message me when they get home from the hospital.  I can generally get you in within a few days of getting home, if I have an idea of when baby is supposed to arrive I can better fit my schedule to get your tiny one in!

What do I need to bring to a newborn session? You can bring anything you'd like, or nothing at all!  I have many hats, headbands, ties, wraps, blankets, furs, baskets, leg warmers, rompers, diaper covers and more.  Of course if you have any items you would like to bring along you are more than welcomed to bring them!  Sometimes there are hats or headbands you have been given as gifts, blankets or other items made just for you, I can easily incorporate these into your session if you wish!  Just let me know when you set up your session what items you plan to bring along so I can gather items that will complete the session! Newborn outfits do not typically fit a newborn (even though the size would suggest it will) so I always do wraps, rompers, hats, cocoons, and the like for this session.

These images show just a small sample of the items I have at the studio!

 What about my 3, 6, and 9 month sessions?  I've got you covered here too!  I carry hats, rompers and tu-tus, diaper covers, crowns, ties and headbands in all the larger sizes as well!  I also have many baskets, boxes, chairs, and suitcases to use with 3 month and up.  If they are laying, rolling, crawling, standing or walking I have props to help at any age!  If you have an outfit but need the finishing touches, I can make you a headband or hat to go along!  Just give me a heads up when booking the session! 

What do I do for the big One Year Session?  This is so fun!  I tend to go overboard on one year sessions, as this is the FIRST time your little one has a birthday!  You have made it through a whole year and both of you are still alive, haha! Why not celebrate in an over the top super fun way!?  We can do anything at all, but here are a few ideas!

  • Balloons, and I mean a LOT of balloons!  We can cover the background and floor with balloons and place the birthday boy/girl in the middle!
  • Crowns! I can custom create a crown and setting just for your little birthday prince or princess!  I have many ideas to do along with this, indoor and outdoor!
  • The popular CAKE SMASH!  Have the bakery make you a small cake, or make one yourself if you are handy in the kitchen!  Bring this cake along and let little one go wild!
  • All of the above!  If you really want to take it over the top, we can do all three and more!
Of course there are many other ideas we can do for a one year session.  I also like to do a few "normal" shots as well!   I really like to stylize this session, so if you have colors, an outfit, or ideas that you want to bring to life, just share your ideas and I can help make it a reality!  I make custom banners as well so if you want to add a little banner in the back, or frame a write up about your little one, I can do it all!

What if I have twins?  With two babies at each session we are doing two sets of individuals as well as some together, since the sessions are at the same time I offer $100 off the second package, both children will have their own album, and each still gets a 5x7 with each session, free gift, and 8x10.

What If I need more than the 5x7 in the package?  You can order any extra prints you'd like.  You can locate the Children's Price List on my website,

When do I have to pay?  The Lil' Star Sweeper package amount is due by/at the newborn session.  You can pay it in advance before baby arrives or at our newborn session.  Any orders after that are due when the order is placed.

 Baby's first year is an amazing time, and every milestone should be celebrated. This is the biggest time of change in a child's early life, going from a tiny little newborn to a walking talking mini me, the changes are drastic, in looks and developing their personality.  I find great joy in freezing these memories in portraits to treasure forever!  If you are expecting a baby, I hope you will give me a call and allow me to commemorate that first year through my gift of photography!  You won't regret it!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Bump!

No matter if it's your first, second, third or later pregnancy, you may be curious about the Maternity Session. Thinking about a maternity session, but not sure?  Read on to get all the information; what is a maternity session, when to do it, what to bring, who is in them and what to wear.

What is a Maternity session?
Maternity sessions can be done a couple different ways.  First some people like to do a fun announcement with a photo shoot, there are so many ideas and options for this kind of session.  Searching pinterest can give you some ideas and there are always new fun ideas going through my mind that I am just waiting to use!  Here is an announcement card I did for some great clients and the announcement we did for our second baby.

The most common version of the Maternity Session is to show off that beautiful baby belly!  This session I like to do around the 32-36 week mark.  This time frame is about perfect for comfort of mom, late enough in pregnancy that you have a beautiful baby bump, and early enough for those babies who just can't wait until their due date to get here!  To assure we have an opening in the schedule at the perfect time, I recommend calling or emailing when you are about 29/30 weeks along.  During June-Oct months it wouldn't hurt to call a couple weeks earlier.

Do I need to bring anything?
Some parents like to bring along baby shoes, a baby outfit, or ultrasound photo, which can be fun, but you do not have to bring anything like this along with you if you don't want to!  Here are some samples with props like this.

What do we wear?
The best thing you can wear for a maternity session is something that makes you comfortable!  Having two babies I know that sometimes your closet can be your worst enemy the later in pregnancy you get.  There were always those 2-3 items that were my go to when I had to wear something besides yoga pants and a t-shirt!  Those clothes that you feel great in are what I would highly suggest to wear.  You will feel good, and feeling good and comfortable will make the photo session that much better!   Once you pick out moms clothing, just find something in dads closet that goes with it!

Can our other kids be in the photos?
Absolutely!  I love including other children in these images, after all they are "expecting" too!

What about bare belly photos?
Bare belly photos are something that some like and want to do and others would never want to do.  This is totally up to you.  If you wish to do some bare belly photos, just let me know when you set up your session.  I do not do bare belly photos unless you request to do them, as I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable during the session.  We will get beautiful images with covered bellies or bare bellies, but don't feel like you have to do any bare if you don't wish to do so!  There is always the fear that those dreaded stretch marks will show, however some computer work will help soften or even remove those marks if you wish!  That beautiful little bundle will make you forget all about those marks the moment you hold him/her in your arms! 

The proof is in the photo!
You only get to go through this pregnancy once, and it is truly amazing!  You will miss that feeling, that belly (believe it or not!) and this is one beautiful way to capture that moment to treasure forever!  These images are something you will look back on for years and some day can show that little one what you looked like while they were still in your tummy!  (if they believe it or not!)

I hope that this post has helped answer your questions and really hope to hear from you to set up your maternity session!  Next blog post - NEWBORNS!  Stay Tuned!