Thursday, September 12, 2013

Family Inspiration!


With the family special under way I get asked often for outfit suggestions, so I thought I would pull up some images that have inspired me with color combos and just downright cute clothing! Some of these images are pulled from some of my favorite photographers that I draw inspiration from, hopefully they will also inspire your outfit choices!

This color combo has to be one of my favorites right now next to grey/yellow or grey and anything!  Love the bright colors, dont feel like you have to have everyone in the same shade of blue, mix and match!  Try looking in your own closet before you go out shopping for new, you might be surprised what you find!  Also dont forget the accessories, they can make or break the whole look!  Adding that chunky colorful necklace, or the flower hair clip will add the extra finishing touches like icing on the cake!

If you are looking for more of a fall color combo I really dig this collection, adding the solid color jackets really helps pull the different patterns all together without them fighting each other.  Popping in the solid t-shirt on the oldest will also help!  Different textures between the suede jacket and fluffy collar will also add character!  Often I find the first piece in the hardest to dress child then pull from everyone elses closets from there!

Again here I go back to the blue/aqua but with the pops of pink and white it gives a lighter feel, great for indoor or outdoor, a very fresh and fun feel!  I would maybe add a pink necklace on mom and even a little pink flower or headband in sisters hair if that fits your style!

Jump on over to to find a these three outfit inspirations with links to where to buy all the outfits!

And now another of my ultimate favorites, yellow and grey!  I totally dig this combo!  The link  here will take you to to a page that links each piece to where you can buy it!  Or again, raid your own closet and see what you find! 
Have all the outfits but need a few accessories to go along?  I have a wide array of flower clips, headbands, and crocheted items.  I also have some rompers, leg warmers and have some little ties in the works!   If you give me a heads up when booking I can create something specially for you!  It will also help me be able to plan locations and props that will complete your family portrait look!  I want to help you create that special image to capture the amazing family you have created in a timeless photograph for you to enjoy for years and years and years!  These moments with your children go so quickly, and we never know what life will bring, so don't put off that family photo any longer, give me a call to preserve this time right now!

 - Ashley

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