Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Class of WHAT!?

It is that time, the class of 2014 is looking towards graduation next month and the class of 2015 gets to usher in a new year!  First up on that list?
Booking your senior photos!  
I am so excited about this season of senior photos, soooo many ideas and new backgrounds, locations and equipment to create with!
Be one of the first 3 seniors to book your senior session and I'll not only give you half off your session, but I'll throw in 24 FREE wallets!
Any senior session booked before June 1st will enjoy 50% off their session fee! 

Tips for your senior session:

Book it!
Don't wait to book your session, calling in May or June to book your summer or fall session will   help avoid scheduling conflicts.  My schedule fills up quickly, and so does yours!  Booking ahead of time will give you plenty of time to prepare and know that you have one more thing off your checklist!  Plus booking early gets you great discounts!

You chose Extreme Images for your senior photos for a reason, it's my passion and I strive to make your photos awesome and unique!  I'll show you how to pose and what to do, so don't worry about being a "model" just be yourself!  Sessions at Extreme Images are laid back and fun, so relax and let us do all the work!

What to wear
Of course its fun to go shopping for new clothing but don't go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe.  Try looking in your closet for those favorite outfits that you love and make sure you wear clothes you feel good in!  If you feel great you look great and your photos will be fabulous! Buying some new clothing is great but mix it with your own style and create outfits that are you!

Try to bring several different looks, sometimes you don't realize that your 4 favorite shirts are all blue until you arrive at the studio, try choosing a variety of different colors and bring them all along!  I suggest bringing a mix of casual, semi-casual, and dressy outfits. I can help you once you arrive to see what will look best! 

Ladies, accessories can make a big difference.  If you wear jewelry don't forget to bring it along! Belts, scarves, boots, bracelets, rings, jackets, all that fun stuff will put the finishing touches on your photos!

Guys, remember your belt, class ring (if you have one) and any other accessory you may wear normally.

I don't put a limit on how many outfits, but of course we do have time limits on the session, for a 1 hour session we can usually fit anywhere from 3-5 outfits and the 2 hour session we can fit in 4-8, if you are a quick changer and we have less large set-ups you can get more outfits in within the time frame.  Bringing a few extra outfits is great, we will go through them all and choose the best backgrounds and locations to compliment each one and have the greatest photos! 

All Inclusive
I love when you bring things that tell a story about you!  If it's your old truck or a new car, your bucket of baseballs, a stack of your favorite books, or your best furry friend, all are welcome!  I will ask about this during our pre-session chat so I can have ideas and locations/backgrounds in mind!

Hair (and Make-up)
Guys, this is pretty simple for you, getting a haircut about a week before the session will ensure a nice clean look without that fresh cut look, and in the summer will help avoid tan lines around your hair line. 

I suggest having your hair the way you want it when you arrive for the session, don't wear a hat to the studio, or plan to wet and comb it here.  We will have a brief clothing consultation when you arrive and then get started shooting right away so there isn't time for your hair to dry if you wet it.

Gals, I suggest you do your hair similar to the way you do it regularly when you do your hair. Make sure you bring your straightener, or iron along with any other products you may need for hair touch-ups along the way! I do have some that want straight hair and curly hair, this is possible, depending on how hard it is to switch from one to the other we could do this in the same day with two sessions or two different days (back to back or within the same week)

If you color your hair, don't go wild and change your color right before the session.  You want to look natural and like yourself.  I'd suggest doing color within the week before your session.

On make-up, if you wear it every day, you don't need much more than normal.  Make up can make a big difference though, if you regularly dont wear any make up, a little bit will help bring out your features! Think a little mascara, some blush and don't forget your lips! Even just a little toned lip gloss can make a big impact!

If you aren't used to wearing any make up and want some tips let me know, I have several make-up artists that would be happy to help!  You can also check at your salon, most salons have a make up artist and a lot of hair dressers can do your make-up as well! 

Break outs, we all have them, we all hate them, but don't worry, your images are always retouched so if that pesky pimple shows up the morning of your session, just laugh and know it will get zapped! 

Who should come along with you to your session?  You can come alone or you can bring mom or dad, or come with a friend or two.  Someone who knows your hair syle and can make you smile is a great person to bring along!

Excited for your proofs?  It takes about 7-10 days to get your proofs back from the day of your session, in the meantime I will share some sneak peeks of my favorite images from out session on Facebook!

You can view last years senior sneak peeks here
Taste Every Moment and Live it Out Loud

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