Sunday, August 4, 2013

Freezing Time

The title of this post has many meanings!  Sometimes I wish I could freeze time, not just in photos but literally freeze time as I realize my babies are growing up way too fast!  Come tomorrow Bria will be 6 months old, halfway to one year and Miss Mailee will be halfway to 5 years this month also.  Hoping that I can get her 6 month photos done this week, it's kind of crazy being a full time mommy and full time business owner.  You may say to yourself, you can't be full time with two things, but I am, home with my kiddos any second that I am not shooting sessions, and working when they nap, or have some down time.   It's absolutely crazy but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Often times on Sunday evening I wish I could freeze everything and have enough time to just spend with them relaxing before the work week begins again yet there is so much work to catch up on, especially this time of year!
Averaging about 8 sessions a week right now (by choice, much more than that and I would not be able to keep my head above water editing, I mean I am only one woman!) we are deep in the senior season and keeping up with several "Lil' Star Sweepers" along the way.  Throw a few older kiddos, and an engagement session mixed in with some wedding editing and we have a good variety to keep me on my toes!  I had some super fun seniors this week with lots of neat unique shots and loved on two little newborns as well!  Got to do a promo session with Karen's Massage Oasis here in town for her new Ashiatsu massage, I haven't got those images ready to post yet, but I cannot wait to share them with you, this massage looked AMAZING! Finished up the week with an engagement session with two of my dear friends, one of which I have known since Kindergarten and grew up with in 4-H and school who is marrying another of our classmates that joined us in Middle School (for those of you out there who went to Griswold MS/HS you will know the Lewis/Elliott rivalry, Lewis rocks!) Either way, they are both amazing people and I am excited to join them for their wedding this fall!

Also excited to get started on a couple new specials, the school picture special and bookings for Sept family special!

Another meaning to freezing time: Freezer meals!  I got hooked on doing freezer meals when I was pregnant last winter.  Ive done about 4 rounds of freezer meals since then, each time I spend a weekend making about 2-3 weeks worth of food.  Of course we don't eat a freezer meal every time we eat, but on those busy days when you get home and are super hungry they are the BEST thing to have!  We had run out of meals about a month and a half ago and have super missed having them, so I made some this weekend and have planned to make a few more next weekend.

My top choices for freezer meals: (with just 2.5 of us eating each meal I make a normal batch but split it into two 8x8-9x9 pans for each meal, less waste and more umph out of each meal prepared!)
-Chicken Lasagna
-Beef Lasagna
-Enchiladas (beef or chicken)
-Shredded Chicken (I usually stock up when chicken is on sale, buy the breast with ribs then boil them with carrots, celery and spices, then you can separate the meat from bones, and better yet, you have broth!  Just strain the veggies off and voila!  I freeze as many 2 C bags of chicken broth as I do 2 C bags of shredded chicken each time I make it, then you have that broth for any recipe you ever need, no more buying the store broth that tastes like plastic)
-Beef Stew
-Just add noodles Chicken soup (use of broth again! and the carrots and celery that you didnt boil with the whole chicken pieces!)
-Meat Balls
-Twice Baked Potatoes
-Campbells Cheesy Chicken and Rice
-Pulled pork or beef
-Sweet Corn!  (of course this has to be in season!)

If you want recipes on any of those, let me know I'll be glad to post them, and if YOU have any yummy freezer meals, leave me a recipe in the comments!  Im always looking for new stuff to add to my stock!

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  1. Totally starting my freezer meals again this weekend!! Thanks for the inspiration!!